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The Zoom View

The Zoom View will zoom in at the region around the mouse, when it is over the image. This can be very useful for exactly placing a symbol at the correct pixel.

The Zoom View shows an enlarged part of the image, and a cross-hair in the center that shows the mouse location. Markers will appear on locations that have data points on them that are currently shown in the image. If a scan window is active, it will be shown as a box (if it fits in the Zoom View).

Hide and show the Zoom View from the View menu. If the Zoom View window is shown, you can hide it by selecting Hide from the menu that pops up when you click in the Zoom View with the right mouse button, or by clicking the little button with the cross in the top right of the Zoom View. If it is hidden, the only way to show it is from the View menu.

If you do not like the Zoom View to float over you main window, you can make it part of the main window by moving the Zoom View on top of the left edge of the main window. To make the Zoom View float again, choose Float from the menu that pops up if you click in the Zoom View with your right mouse button.

To make the Zoom View bigger or smaller, you can drag the edges of the Zoom View in the desired direction if the Zoom View floats over your main window. To size the View when it is docked on the left side of the main window, undock it first, size it, and then dock it again.

You can choose Small zoom, Medium Zoom and Large Zoom from the Zoom Level submenu of the View menu. This menu is also available when you click with the right mouse button in the Zoom View. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Alt+1, Alt+2 or Alt+3 to modify the zoom level.