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COCO (CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN) is a CAPE-OPEN compliant simulation environment consisting of the following components:

COFE - the CAPE-OPEN Flowsheet Environment is an intuitive graphical user interface to flow-sheeting. COFE has a solution by tearing algorithm, displays properties of streams, deals with unit-conversion and provides plotting facilities.

TEA - COCO's Thermodynamics for Engineering Applications, is based on the code of the thermodynamic library of ChemSep and includes a data bank of over 430 commonly used chemicals. The package exhibits more than 100 property calculation methods with their analytical or numerical derivatives.

COUSCOUS - the CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations Simple package is shipped with COCO. It contains a splitter, a mixer, heat exchangers, pumps and reactors amongst other unit operations.
ChemSep-LITE, a limited version of ChemSep with a maximum of 40 components and 300 stages, can serve as an equilibrium distillation unit operation in COCO. A full version of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium column simulator can be obtained at http://www.chemsep.com/. ChemSep-LITE is included in the COCO installation.

CORN - the CAPE-OPEN Reaction Numerics package that comes with COCO facilitates specifying any kind of kinetic or equilibrium reaction. Simple reactor units, like conversion reactors, CSTRs and plug flow reactors that can use the CORN package come with the COUSCOUS package.

Various tools and utilities, including an open source thermodynamic server based on the steam tables, a CAPE-OPEN component registration inspection tool, a CAPE-OPEN logging tool, an Excel coupling, a unit operation icon editor and a software update utility.


COCO is maintained by AmsterCHEM; however, COCO is free for download and free for use. COCO is available from https://www.cocosimulator.org/.

Technical support

AmsterCHEM can provide you with technical support for COCO, ranging from instruction, problem solving, debugging to development of custom components and extensions. For more information, please contact us.