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About us

From concept to product. From idea to implementation. Meet the people behind AmsterCHEM.com:

Jasper van Baten is a free-lance consultant since 2004. He studied chemical engineering at the Delft University of Technology and received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam.
More than 25 years of collaboration with Prof. Krishna has yielded more than 130 refereed journal publications, including in Science magazine and Nature. His research interests range from CFD simulations of distillation columns, bubble columns and airlift reactors to Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, Molecular Dynamics applied to studies of adsorber and membrane separation devices, chemical flowsheeting and thermodynamics.
His strengths and hobbies are computing in general, and programming in particular. His programming skills extend to many languages and major platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux and various flavours of Unix, with a specialization in CAPE-OPEN related implementations. Jasper is an experienced native, .NET, java and python developer.

e-mail: jasper@amsterchem.com