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software projects

industrial projects:

ChemSep is a powerful modeling tool for distillation columns on the basis of non-equilibrium models; see www.chemsep.com. Our task was to convert ChemSep's legacy Fortran code to CAPE-OPEN standards and to allow ChemSep to access CAPE-OPEN properties. Therefore, we developed a CAPE-OPEN intermediate interface that is accessed by CAPE-OPEN compliant simulators. This interface in turn launches the ChemSep executable to perform the required calculations. A shared memory object is used to exchange thermodynamic properties between the COSE (CAPE-OPEN Simulation Environment) and ChemSep. The CO-ChemSep implementation is fully functional. This project was successfully finished in collaboration with BP plc.

VMG is a Calgary based company owned by Schlumberger specializing in development of chemical engineering simulation software and consultancy.
VMGSim is a world-class, rigorous and comprehensive steady-state process simulator developed with an integrated flowsheet design in a user-friendly, modern environment. A Unit Operation socket is provided for VMGSim, compliant with CAPE-OPEN thermodynamics standards 1.0 and 1.1, supporting material and energy streams. The unit operation socket has been validated against a number of unit operation implementations.
VMGThermo is an extensive thermodynamic calculation and compound library with advanced equilibrium calculation methods. VMGThermo has been successfully interfaced with CAPE-OPEN in the form of a Thermodynamic calculation System / Property Package Manager. A front-end has been created for property package configuration. The thermodynamic system has been successfully tested in a variety of simulation environments.

VMGSim is now known as Symmetry.

We have designed and implemented an interface layer for Shell Global Solutions BV to facilitate communication between process models and process modelling applications in a flexible, extendible manner, yet enforcing physical and thermodynamic properties to be defined system-wide, keeping in mind future interaction with third party standards such as CAPE-OPEN. A number of existing process models have been adapted to comply with the new framework requirements. Existing process modelling applications are subject to a redesign stage in which the designed interface layer will serve as a means to uniformly access various process models.
A reference letter from Shell regarding the quality of work and service is available upon request.

Infochem Computer Services is the leading independent supplier of thermodynamic software and consultancy services to the oil, gas and chemical industries. Multiflash is Infochem's thermodynamic package. Infochem was already on top of CAPE-OPEN developments using their own version 1.0 and version 1.1 CAPE-OPEN implementations. A new version of the CAPE-OPEN interfaces for Multiflash was designed. Targets were improved performance over the old interfaces and simpler maintenance and deployment. The project is completed, and the new interfaces are part of the Multiflash 3.8 release.

Richard Szczepanski of Infochem Computer Services Ltd.: "AmsterCHEM has worked with Infochem for a number of years. They have enabled us to extend and improve the CAPE-OPEN interface to our Multiflash physical properties software. We are very pleased and impressed with the work carried out and with the quality of support provided."

We have implemented a frame-work for importing CAPE-OPEN based thermodynamic calculations into the in-house process simulators of BASF. The project includes access to Property Packages that adhere to the CAPE-OPEN version 1.0 or version 1.1 thermodynamic standards. The simulation applications have been written in Fortran. The CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic access library was delivered as a static library that perform all COM-tasks and allow easy Fortran access to the installed CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic packages.
In addition, together with the BASF engineers and programmers, we have implemented the CAPE-OPEN unit operation plug for the OASE® gas treatment simulator OASE® connect. A demonstration video is available.

ConocoPhillips, Houston, TX: "ConocoPhillips is the third-largest integrated energy company in the United States. We were very pleased with the work AmsterCHEM provided on implementation of some in-house process models into the CAPE-OPEN context. The process models are now running in a CAPE-OPEN flowsheet context, using commercial third party specialty thermodynamics."

Ross Tomson, Brine Chemistry Solutions: "We have been working with AmsterCHEM for years on complex industry-driven thermodynamic and transport modeling software. When you have a complex chemical or mechanical engineering problem, AmsterCHEM will exceed your expectations on service and performance. Through collaborating with AmsterCHEM, we have produced stunning ground-up software packages used by some of the largest oil and gas production companies."

GAP is a multi-phase oil and gas optimiser tool that models the surface gathering network of field production systems, supplied by Petroleum Experts. CO-LaN have commissioned the provision of a wrapper for GAP to enable it to be run as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in CAPE-OPEN compliant simulation environments. This enables the integrated modelling and optimization of the production gathering network and facility. The GAP CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is currently only available to full CO-LaN members.

Linde Engineering Division is part of The Linde Group and a leading technology partner for plant engineering and construction worldwide. Our global success is built on our extensive process engineering expertise in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants. We implemented a CAPE-OPEN plug so that third party thermodynamic software can be accessed transparently from within Linde's custom process simulation software. The software has been delivered and has been integrated with Linde's software suite.

COMSOL's flagship product is COMSOL Multiphysics®, a tool for simulating any type of physical phenomena within mechanical, electrical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Since 2008, we have been providing consultancy services for COMSOL's CAPE-OPEN integration, modelling assistance for chemical engineering and thermodynamics related problems, and customer support. The work with COMSOL is ongoing.

AVEVA simulation software has assisted in the design, operation, and optimization of processes across numerous industries since 1967. PRO/II® is a steady-state simulator enabling improved process design and operational analysis. It is designed to perform rigorous heat and material balance calculations for a wide range of chemical processes. Marina Velazquez, former product manager: "AmsterCHEM has provided us with assistance, testing and debugging services for our CAPE-OPEN implementations. Our cooperation with AmsterCHEM helped us provide a more stable and robust implementation". Now through CAPE-OPEN users can incorporate special models and thermodynamic with the standard powerful flowsheeting and thermodynamic capabilities of PRO/II®.

The ProTreat® simulator by Optimized Gas Treating is the industry's most advanced simulation tool for gas treating. Because ProTreat is a rigorous rate-based simulator, it offers the ultimate in accuracy, reliability, and truly predictive power. Together with OGT's technicians, we implemented the CAPE-OPEN unit operation plug that adapts ProTreat's flowsheeter to function as a unit operation in any CAPE-OPEN compliant simulator. Steven Fulk, Technical Director: "AmsterCHEM made implementing our CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation quick, easy, and robust. Their debugging support has been top-notch and dependable." and "CAPE-OPEN has enabled business partnerships in a seamless way. By adherence to a defined standard, custom technical and business interoperability arrangements are made obsolete, and dispersed technical capabilities become coherent, powerful packages."

shareware & research projects:

In the past years we have developed several shareware applications. We are authors of ScanIt, a program that facilitates extracting data from scientific graphs, and COCO Simulator, a free-of-charge CAPE-OPEN based chemical flowsheet simulation suite, as well as several CAPE-OPEN based tools and utilities.

We have also developed software as researchers at the University of Amsterdam. Jasper van Baten has developed software for kinetic Monte Carlo simulations as well as numerous scientific tools and web-page management tools. The copyrights of these programs are with the University of Amsterdam.

AmsterCHEM has a joint research project with the US-EPA regarding development of the CAPE-OPEN flowsheet monitoring standard and its application to Sustainability. Proof of concept testing was conducted by development of the waste reduction algorithm (WAR) in flowsheet simulation environments.

engineering services

We have expertise and experience in computational fluid dynamics, reactor design, molecular simulations, CAPE-OPEN, thermodynamic systems and more. Please see our list of publications.