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Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+1 Enter crop mode
Ctrl+2 Enter axes definition mode
Ctrl+3 Enter manual pick mode
Ctrl+4 Enter trace curve mode
Ctrl+5 Enter scan for symbols mode

Ctrl+Left-Arrow Move selected points to left
Ctrl+Right-Arrow Move selected points to right
Ctrl+Up-Arrow Move selected points up
Ctrl+Down-Arrow Move selected points down

Ctrl+A Select all data points of current set
Ctrl+I Invert selection
Ctrl+C Copy all data points in current set
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy all selected data points
Del Delete selected data points
Ctrl+Del Delete all data points in current set
Ctrl+Backspace Delete last data point in current set
Ctrl+Z Undo last action

Ctrl+O New document from image file.
Ctrl+V New document from image on the windows clipboard
Ctrl+D Open existing document file
Ctrl+S Save current document
Ctrl+W Show all data sets as text
F1 Show help contents

Ctrl+J Resample current data set at constant X intervals
Ctrl+T Sort current data set in increasing X direction
Ctrl+ arrow keys Move selected data points per pixel
Ctrl+M Move selected data points to another data set
Ctrl+Q Clear all axis information
Ctrl+B Set image background color
Ctrl+R Reload image

Alt+1 Minimum zoom in Zoom view
Alt+2 Medium zoom in Zoom view
Alt+1 Maximum zoom in Zoom view

Ctrl+L Toggle connect data points with lines
Ctrl+P Toggle Snap when in Manual Pick mode
Ctrl+Page Up Increase scan window size
Ctrl+Page Down Decrease scan window size