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The options are configurable for the whole application. Some options that refer to documents will only affect new documents after the option has been changed. You can change the options from the Options submenu of the File menu. Choose Reset Defaults from the Options submenu to reset to the default options.

marker size

Change this option to adjust the size - in pixels - of the symbol markers on the screen.

marker line thickness

Change this option to adjust the line thickness - in pixels - of the symbol markers on the screen.

marker color

Select to change the color of non-selected data markers in the image.

selected marker color

Select to change the color of selected data markers in the image.

default window size

Defines the default size of the scan window - in pixels - for new documents. The scan window size affects the snap function, the curve trace function and the symbol scan function. If possible, the specified window size will be guessed from a radial distribution function; the specified default value is used in case automatic estimation fails.

trace recursion level

Sets the number of steps ScanIt looks forward when trying to trace a curve. The higher the recursion level, the better the tracing works, but the longer you will have to wait. The wait can increase exponentially with the recursion level, so avoid too high settings (press Esc during a wait to abort).

color tolerance

The color tolerance defines whether a color is equal to the background color or not. It affects the snap function, the curve trace function and the symbol scan function.

resample type

Choose between linear and cubic spline interpolation for resampling traced data from a curve at constant X intervals.

default numeric format for screen

Sets the default numeric format for display of numbers on the screen for new documents.

default numeric format for clipboard and file

Sets the default numeric format for export of numbers to clipboard and file for new documents.

connect lines by default

For new documents this determines whether lines are drawn between the symbols. Press Ctrl+L to toggle lines for each window.

snap enabled by default

Determines for new documents whether snap is enabled.

auto-set background color

Set the background color automatically after loading an image, filtering and image or cropping an image.


Set the amount of pixels to scroll the image if you use the ends of the horizontal or vertical scroll bar.

reset defaults

Reset all the options to their original values. This will override any options you have selected since you installed this program.

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