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Loading and storing models

You can store an existing Excel CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation model as .xum (Excel Unit-operation Model) file for re-use in another unit operation (which could be running in another simulator). Excel unit operation models contain formulas that likely reference the feed compositions in the feeds sheet. If the context in which you load the model contains a different number of compounds, the formulas referring to feed composition, and other formulas that depend on the amount of compounds in the flowsheet, may require updating.

To store an existing model, edit the unit operation. In Excel, click the Export Export button on the Unit Operation ribbon.

To rea-load a previously stored model,In Excel, click the Import Import button on the Unit Operation ribbon. You will be prompted for the location of the *.xum file.

After restoring a model, and before editing the new model or attempting to run the new model, it is strongly advised to first connect at least one of feed streams to the model, using a stream that has the proper amount of chemical compounds on there. This way, the feed and product sheets are updated to contain the proper amount of compounds, and formula references to feed compositions as well as formulas on the product sheet for the product compositions will not go lost.

Note: when running in COFE, a quicker way to get a second copy of the same unit operation is to use copy and paste in the flowsheet itself.