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The control sheet

The control sheet performs several functions.

Quick reference

The control sheet provides a quick reference of all available functions. The number of rows and columns for the outputs of the capeFlash and capeFlashedFeed functions is also listed (if at least one port is connected), as is the unit operation's name.

Validation error

Simulation environments will validate the unit operation when something has changed. You can specify a validation error in the control sheet; if this error is a non-empty string value other than "OK", the unit will be considered invalid by the simulation environment, and the user will be presented with the message. Example:

=if('input parameters'!B2<'input parameters'!B3,"pressure drop must be smaller than vessel pressure","OK")

Validation errors typically depend on parameter values and external dependencies. Validation should not depend on feed values (i.e. pressure, temperature, enthalpy, flow, composition).

Run-time error

After the Excel unit is done calculating, it will check for a run-time error on the control sheet. If set to a non-empty string other than "OK", the run results are considered invalid, and the error string is passed to the simulation environment. Example:

=if('calculation'!A30<=0,"run resulted negative or zero yield","OK")


Textual reports of the unit operation can be made available to the simulation environment. To define a textual report:

As reports depend on the calculated values, the reports are only available after a successful run of the unit operation.

Note: the default control sheet contains space for up to 10 reports. If you need more reports, redefine the named range "ReportNames".

Solver models

Here you can identify models that need to be solved using the Excel solver. The models should be listed in the order in which they are to be solved during the unit operation's calculation.

Fore more information, see Using the Excel solver.

Note: the default control sheet contains space for up to 20 solver models. If you need more solver models, redefine the named range "SolverModels".