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CapeOpenPhaseEquilibrium calculates a phase equilibrium for the specified package, at specified overall composition and two additional conditions. Output may include temperature, pressure, phase fractions, compoisitons and additional properties at phase equilibrium.




packageName Name of the package.
overallComposition The composition of the overall phase, or feed, in mol/mol or kg/kg.
condition1 The name of the first equilibrium condition. See the ribbon for which equilibrium conditions are supported. Not all combinations of flash conditions may be supported by the selected package.
condition1Value The value for the equilibrium condition1.
condition2 The name of the second equilibrium condition.
condition2Value The value for the equilibrium condition2.
basis Optional. Can be "mole" (default), or "mass". The basis applies to overallComposition, condition1Value, condition2Value, as well as the resulting phase fractions, phase compositions and additional properties.
options Optional. A string value, contianing a comma separated list of additional options. See below.
noNumber Optional. The value to display for output fields for which no data is available. By default this is an empty string.
orientation Optional. Orientation can be 'auto'=0 (default), 'horizontal'=1, 'vertical'=2, 'matrix'=3.
normalizeComposition Optional. By default, the overeall composition vector is normalized. Value can be "0" or "false", or "1" or "true" (default). Turning off composition normalization can be useful for composition perturbation, but note that the Property Package may internally normalizat composition.

The options vector may include the following options:

overallResults Include values for overall properties in the result. For matrix representation, this will also include overall compositions and overall phase fraction (=1).
noPhaseResults Suppress per-phase outputs.
noTemperature Suppress temperature outputs.
noPressure Suppress pressure outputs.
noPhaseFraction Suppress phase fraction outputs.
noComposition Suppress composition outputs.
normal For flashes with a vaporFraction condition, request a non-retrograde solution. Default is unspecified.
retrograde For flashes with a vaporFraction condition, request a retrograde solution.

In addition, any mixture property (except derivatives) can be added to the option list. This will include the value for the mixture property for each present phase, and, if 'overallResults' is specified, for extensive properties and fugacity, the overall values are included in the output.




Using the wizard

To use the wizard, click the Phase Equilibrium button on the Ribbon:


Place the cursor at the insert point. The dialog will guide you through the function creation:


The show just the result of an overall property at equilibrium tick off the phase display and tick on the overall display:

Wizard for Property