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Configuring Property Packages

You can configure separate Property Packages for different purposes. A Property Package is a collection of compounds, and calculation methods. A REFPROP property package contains a name, description, references to *.fld files, optionally calculation method overrides and a file containing the mixture coefficients.

To configure Property Packages, you can run the REFPROP CAPE-OPEN application. REFPROP CAPE-OPEN requires to know the location of the REFPROP installation. This is shown in the Property Package Manager dialog at the bottom. If you want to use a different REFPROP distribution, click on the button and browse for refprop.dll.

To create a new Property Package, click New. To create a new Property Package that is based on an existing package, select the existing package and click Copy.

To edit an existing Property Package, select the package and click Edit. To rename an existing Property Package, select the package and click Rename. To delete an existing package, click Delete. Be careful: modifications are permanent and cannot be undone.

When you are done with configuration of Property Packages, click OK to exit the Property Package Manager dialog. For CAPE-OPEN compliant applications that allow for editing Property Package Managers, the Property Package Manager dialog can also be directly accessed from the application.

The Property Package dialog

When editing a particular Property Package, the Property Package dialog will show. Here, you can change the description of the Property Package, add, remove or change the order of the compounds in the package, change the default calculation methods, or change the mixing coefficient file name that will be used. When you are done making the modifications, click OK to save the changes. If the changes cannot be made (e.g. because the combination of compounds or models is not supported by REFPROP), you will be notified and the modifications will not be accepted.

The compounds in the property package are defined by references to *.fld files. These *.fld files must be present on the system, and are not stored with the Property Package configuration. By default, their path name is relative to the REFPROP installation that is used, but a full path name can be used as well. The same holds for the mixture file.

For simulation environments that support it, the Property Package can be configured directly from the simulation environment. The Property Package will then be stored along with the simulation data.