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Our expertise is in providing consultancy in the field of process simulation and modeling. Often this results in customized software or software extensions. Over the years we gained extensive knowledge and experience with modeling and numerical analysis of chemical engineering processes. The processes we investigated range from reactors, bubble columns, to process optimizations. Our methods include rigorous process modeling, computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations and thermodynamics. Our research focuses on industrial applications and aims at improving process configurations.more...

We are experts in CAPE-OPEN software development. If you have legacy models and you want them to run in a variety of simulation environments, if you have new models that you want to run in a variety of simulation environments, we are the experts. We have the tools of the trade, the experience and reference implementations to test against.more...

Our strength is in combining chemical engineering knowledge with modern software developments efficiently. We are experienced in developing CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic property packages as well as unit operations. If your application is CAPE-OPEN compliant, you can easily plug it in any commercial flowsheeting program such as AspenPlus, Pro/II, Hysys, Honeywell Unisim Design, and others. If your thermodynamic server is CAPE-OPEN compliant, it can be used not only within these flowsheeting programs, but also in a variety of other programs that consume thermodynamics as well as generic tools such as Matlab, SciLab, Excel and OpenOffice Calc. more...

Our aim is to provide consultancy services and develop high quality software. We make available as freeware the popular packages COCO and ScanIt, as well as a number of CAPE-OPEN tools and utilities.
For instance, COCO is the first CAPE-OPEN compliant process simulation environment which is exclusively based on CAPE-OPEN technology. You can add unit operations, property packages as well as chemical reaction packages of your choice as long as they are CAPE-OPEN compliant.